We offer a bespoke service to all our customers.

We arrange a time for collection and delivery that suits you.

You can then keep the bag for future collections.

Shirts £1.00
Adult £0.90
Under 5 £0.70

Pillow case £0.60
Oxford case £0.85

Single Quilt £1.50
Double Quilt £1.90
King quilt £2.50
S/King quilt £3.00

Single Fitted £1.60
Double Fitted £2.10
King Fitted £2.60
S/King Fitted £3.00

Valance single£2.15
Valance Double £2.60
Valance King Size £3.20

Non fit sing £1.50
Non fit dbl £1.90
Non fit king £2.50
Non fit s/king £3.00

T/Cloth Small £1.25
T/Cloth Large £2.50

Napkins/Hankies £0.50

Towels Small £1.25
Towels Medium £2.00
Towels Large £2.50

Hangers £0.10

Terms and Conditions

Collection and Delivery

Simply call to arrange a convenient collection time/date.

The collection and delivery service is free to customers in Swindon. The surrounding areas may incur a surcharge depending on value of collection and Driver routes

Timing Your Collections and Deliveries

We will book a 2 hour time slot when we will collect or deliver your ironing. If you are not there, there is a charge of £3, if we do not collect or deliver then we will refund you £3 off the total of your order.


We use professional Irons and as such should be able to give you a professional service. If we are provided with an item of clothing that is too creased perhaps dueto being left in a basket for too long, we will not iron it and show you upon delivery.


Condition of Your Ironing

We will only iron clothes that are clean. Please do not send dirty or unwashed items as these will be returned to you un-ironed. Our minimum order charge of £10.00 will still apply even if we are unable to iron any items due to cleanliness. For example, if you provide us with £10.00 worth of ironing but we are unable to iron £5.00 worth due to the items being unclean, we will still charge £10.00 for that load of ironing. This is to cover the cost of our time and travelling.

Damage to Your Items

In the highly unlikely event of any damage to your items, a maximum compensation fee of £50 per item will be paid. The amount paid is dependent on the damage caused and the current value of the item(s) in question. All items are inspected for damage prior to ironing and any items found to have existing iron damage will not be ironed.


Our prices are very competitive and offer you excellent value for money.

All prices are subject to review and the pricing strategy may be altered at any time if considered necessary.

Payment Terms

Payment is requested upon delivery of your ironing.

We accept cash BACS payments into our account. Payment by BACS is to be that day and if you do not pay before your next collection we will expect cash on collection of your next order. An itemised receipt for your records is provided.  There is a minimum order charge of £10.